Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Remove Toxic People From Your Life (NOW)

It was only when I began focusing on my spiritual journey that I became aware of how much I allowed other people to affect my emotions. I was always fully aware that I am quite a sensitive person but once I decided to improve my life I realised that for me to truly be happy I had to stop living for other people and start focusing on what was right for me and my mental health.

If you read this and anyone in particular springs to mind I hope these tips can help you to find some clarity.

  • You Can Absorb Their Energy

It's important to remember that as humans we are vulnerable to other peoples energies. If you are constantly surrounded by negativity you will most likely feel it and as much as I would love to tell you to walk away from anyone who causes you to feel anything but good I realise fully that, that isn't always possible.

All I want to tell you is that we may only get one chance to experience life and it's so important that you recognise that. You are not obliged to stay around anyone who makes you feel worthless, unhappy or unloved. It may not seem like it right now but you ARE in control of your emotions and you choose whether people effect you or not. 

When I realised that my whole life changed. I look back on how much people used to effect me compared to how they do now and I can't even believe it myself! In fact, I don't think there is much anyone could say that would effect me the way it used to. 

  • Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away
Before I started this journey I can truly say I didn't love myself at all. I didn't realise that I stuck around people who made me unhappy because I was so unhappy myself. 

I want to make sure that everyone reading this is aware that you are worthy of love in every form. You never ever need to settle for people who don't value or accept who you are and as long as you love yourself you'll have everything you will ever need. You do NOT need someones love or acceptance to love yourself.

  • Ask Yourself Why You Keep Them Around
If you are in a situation where you can walk away from someone who you feel is toxic to you I want you to ask yourself why you are choosing to keep them there. 

If you can't find any good reason to keep someone around then it is time to let them go. I truly believe that some people are in your life so that you can learn what you do and don't want. Stop allowing yourself to be hurt. You never have to feel guilty for putting yourself first and I honestly believe that removing toxic people will open new doors to people who where truly meant to be in your life.

I really hope this helps some of you!

Love & happiness,

Katie. xx

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