Sunday, 24 July 2016

5 Ways To Be More Positive

Hello loves,

I think we can all agree that we all have situations or people in our lives that give us ALL the negative vibes. Lately I have been slowly introducing little things to create happiness and joy resulting in a more positive attitude towards life and I want to share these 5 little tips with you that I have found helpful when it comes to training my mind to block out negativity.


There are so many things that have happened in my past that I have struggled to forget simply because I held onto the anger and hurt attached to those memories or people. Once I decided to lead a more positive lifestyle I realised that to do this I had to come face to face with these things and ultimately let them go.

Although it is hard I think getting rid of negative people is the best thing to do. It's so hard to be positive when you have someone down your ear talking about all the things they hate in life. Remember that this is your journey and sometimes it's best to leave people behind before you start it.

Memories are still something I am struggling to let go of. However, I have learned to detach the anger and hurt that came with thinking of those memories. I done this by thinking about them a lot - trying to understand the other persons point of view and also realising that I am human and bad things will happen to me it's how I deal with those moments that determine how I feel.


For me this is something that was completely necessary. I'm definantly someone who gets effected by my surroundings quite a lot.

The first thing I found helpful was to go through my wardrobe and bag the clothes I wanted to give to charity; not only are you getting rid of things you don't need but giving clothes to charities or homeless shelters can really boost your mood.

I also redecorated my room by filling it with things that make me feel happy. Posters with positive quotes, fairy lights, candles, plants and lastly some pebbles I had picked up from Brighton (which is my happy place!). It's little things like this that can surround you with good vibes.


This is something that I struggle with so much. I have always been an emotional person and anger is something that I hate feeling. I find that when i'm angry I begin to think all kinds of negative thoughts and it really brings my mood down.

However, I have began to look at things in a completely different way. For example; if someone is trying to begin an argument with me I will take myself away from the situation and remind myself that everyone has there bad days & that life is just too short to have petty arguments. Talking sense into yourself is so important when it comes to battling anger.


I'm definantly not going to be stereotypical here and tell you that you HAVE to stay away from social media to live a more positive life because I don't really believe that is true. You definantly need time away from social media, yes; but blocking it out completely I feel is a little unnecessary.

Finding a line between your online life and your 'real life' however is definantly important. By this I mean reminding yourself that you are a beautiful person & that you shouldn't compare your life with those on social media. You don't need that flashy car Kylie Jenner just posted on instagram, you don't need to hate your body because of Selena Gomez's bikini pics and you also don't need to be jealous of those online who seem to have it all because they 100% don't. Admire from a distance and be happy for them that they have what they do but don't forget to do the same to yourself too.


Lastly is something so simple - SMILE.

I have gone through so many points in my life where I would smile and think 'Wow, I can't remember the last time I truly smiled.' and that is NOT cool.

If you don't feel you have anything in your life to make you smile then find it; even if it's a silly program on TV or a song that you love; finding time for things that bring us happiness will always lead to a positive outcome.

Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day.

Katie Ellen xxxx



  1. Such a great post! Need to try some of this myself because I can definitely relate :) I'm currently in the middle of redecorating my room and it feels so good to get rid of stuff you don't need!

    1. Thank you so much! It feels so amazing to redecorate and I hope it helps you! xx


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