Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Vlogmas' I am Watching This December

Hello loves!

As a YouTube addict I get so excited during December when a lot of my favourite YouTubers start to do vlogmas. I'm almost 100% sure all of you will know what that is but if by any chance you don't it is where people film their daily lives everyday through December until Christmas day. So, today I thought I would list some of my favourites that I have been watching so that you can check them out if you're looking for people to watch!


Well, this isn't really a surprise is it. Everyone knows i'm a total fangirl for Zoe. Although I do love watching her vlogs anyway I especially love watching her at this time of year as she always makes me feel SUPER festive. If you're looking for someone to watch who can brighten up your day and leave you in the Christmas spirit then Zoe is 100% for you!

You can watch Zoe's videos by clicking riiiiiight here.

Helen Anderson

I'm cheating a little bit here as Helen already does do daily vlogs so i'm not sure if you would count it as 'vlogmas' but I just absolutely love her content so I couldn't leave her out. One of the main reasons I love watching her videos is because she just seems super real and as much as I do love Christmas content I love being able to watch her videos and feel like i'm just living life with her... in the most none creepy way possible. She's also one of the very few people on YouTube that I feel I can relate to completely. 

You can watch Helen's vidoes right here.

Grace F Victory

Can I just say how bloody happy I am that Grace is starting to vlog again!? I literally feel like I could listen to her talk all day. I love how open and real she is in her vlogs and again although she isn't super Christmassy in her vlogs I definantly enjoy seeing what she gets up to. She's not afraid to talk about whatever is on her mind and I adore her laugh so much! You need to watch her.

You can watch Grace's videos here.

If I'm 100% honest those are the only vlogmas' I've had time to keep up with this year so i'm super sorry there isn't more but I didn't want to add in people that I wasn't actually watching! If you have any suggestions of people I should watch or people you have been loving this vlogmas then please do leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading,

Katie Ellen, xxxx

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