Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I Changed My Mind

Hello loves,

I've decided that today I want to take a little step back and talk to you about something that's been on my mind a lot lately.

I posted on twitter the other day that I had been thinking about what I say before I say it and after posting this I realised that for people to truly understand what I meant I should write a blog post as 140 characters on twitter just doesn't seem enough to explain myself.

I want to begin by saying that changing the way you act and think at 21 years old is a lot harder than it may seem. I have always lived my life never truly thinking about how the things that I say can effect other people and myself. I have a LOT of work left to do on myself but this change is one that I am 100% committed to. I'm not claiming to be a saint or anything of that nature but I do hope that this post may be able to inspire someone else to change their life too.

So, just for an example. Have you ever walked down the street and seen someone wearing something that you don't find appealing or someone with dodgy make up and turned to your friend or whoever you're with and been like "LOL OMG LOOK AT THEM, WTF!?" etc, etc, you get my point. I have, too. As humans that sometimes seems to be our natural reaction to things we don't like or don't see everyday.

When I decided to change the way I look at life so that I could view it more positively I purchased this book called 'The Little Book Of Wisdom' and no this is not #spon this book just really did change my life. It made me realise that to have a positive life I must be able to see the good in things that I didn't do before. To question my thoughts before I say them out loud. To have compassion for others and to all around be a good person.

Before I open my mouth I try to think of these things:

Does it benefit me?
Does it benefit the person I'm talking to?
Will this make me feel good after I say it?

Most of the time the answer was no. 

Don't get me wrong this is still something I'm finding extremely difficult but now what I have realised is that when I say things that don't tick these boxes I acknowledge it and feel guilty afterwards. I realise that my words didn't benefit me, they didn't have any positive effect on the person I was talking to and they made me feel quite shit after I said them.

I think we all want to be someone who is a light for others. Someone who makes people feel good about themselves and someone who spreads positivity in a world extremely full of hate. You can be that person, I promise you. 

Connect with yourself and realise that if we all spread a little more positivity - not only does it make us feel good it makes others want to do the same. I'm not saying we can change the world but we can change a part of it and that's a start. 

I want to set you a little challenge if you don't mind, of course. 

I want you to go a whole day without saying any negative thoughts out loud. I realise you can't change the thoughts you have but you can decide whether you say them aloud. I want you to try to change those negative thoughts and flip them to good ones if you can. Try to let go of anything that's angering you and tell someone something that will effect them in a positive way.

Please don't think that i'm preaching because I'm definantly not. If this inspires you then I'll be super happy but if not that's okay, too!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. xx



  1. Such a sweet post! I think I'll see if I can find this book you talked about. I want to read it now, I like this kind of books, that makes you look back at yourself and think "I want to improve something in myself" !
    I'll take your challenge tomorrow! I'm sure it will be have a good impact.

    We might not change the world but spreading happiness and kindness is a great way to start !

    Keep on the good work : as you said, it's not easy but you - we - can do it ! xx


    1. I purchased it off of amazon i'm certain it's still available to buy on there!

      Thank you for your lovely comment - let me know if it helped! xxx

  2. You are such a beautiful human Katie! I just love you! X


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