Monday, 17 October 2016

A Little Bit Of Decor

Hey guys,

Today's post is going to be something a little different than what I usually do. 

Over the last few days I've been feeling super anxious and stressed out for a number of reasons that I won't bore you with! But when I feel like this I feel like my 'safe place' is for sure my bedroom and the reason why is because I always make sure that my room is decorated with things that bring me peace, inspiration and happiness. So, today I have decided to talk to you about some of my favourite decor pieces within my bedroom in hopes to give you a little inspiration, too.

Dream Catcher

My mum bought me this beautiful piece for my bedroom a while back so i'm not exactly sure where it's from but i'm sure you can find one similar online!

As a result of suffering from anxiety / depression I often get super intense nightmares and/or sleep paralysis that even as an adult results in me sleeping with the light on afterwards. I'm well aware that dream catchers don't actually make you have better dreams but for some reason this still makes me feel comforted and protected before going asleep. 

Although, it does have a serious side to it I also just love how this looks in my bedroom. I really feel like it gives a really mysterious vibe and it's definantly something I would've bought for myself if my mum hadn't done so beforehand. 

Positive Grid

This is 100% one of my favourite things in my bedroom. I bought this grid off of amazon and the posters I purchased in new look.

I try to decorate my room with really positive and happy things so that I always feel motivated and happy as soon as I wake up and before I go to sleep. I placed this right in front of my bed so that it's the first thing I look at every morning and it really does help me start my day with a smile. 

My Sister's Painting

When my sister was in school she painted this picture and I always remember it hanging in her room when we where younger. However, as she grew up she decided she wanted to throw it away and me being me (obsessed with sunsets / sunrises) had to have it. 

I love the fact that it's not a perfect masterpiece and I especially love the colours in the sky. I've had this in my room for years now and I still think it's super beautiful! Whenever I think of sunsets, water, mountains & orange skies it immediately makes me happy and peaceful. I definantly think I will take this painting with me whenever I move out. 


I literally have candles all around my bedroom and every time Karl is over he has a little moan about the fact I have like 700 candles but I never light them (apart from for this photo, obvs!) Haha. I'm definantly that twonk that has candles in my bedroom as a decor rather than something I use; mainly because if I had a scented candle burning in my room (although they smell amazing) I would for sure get a headache from the scent! 

I always feel like candles are something that immediately brings relaxation. Maybe i'll light them one day though... haha!

Let me know what your favourite is below & if you have any decor in your room that you're obsessing over!

Thank you for reading!

Katie Ellen. xx


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