Friday, 30 September 2016

My Favourite Songs Of The Month - September

Hi guys,

You really don't know how excited I am for today's music post. I have so many songs that I've been obsessed with this month that narrowing it down to 5 has been an actual nightmare.

Anyway, let's just jump straight in - shall we? If you want to listen to any of these songs then just click on the pictures. (Except for the Drake one because that's not available on YouTube yet - soz!).

One Republic - Future Looks Good

No honestly, I was NOT okay when I first heard this song. We all know that One Republic are one of my favourite bands of all time so whenever they release new music I tend to become a little bit obsessed with it and repeat it over and over - which is exactly what I done with this song. 

Everything about this song just puts me in a good mood and is a really good song to pick you up and motivate you when you're feeling a bit sh*t! I can for sure imagine taking long winter walks with this playing in my ears and I'm bloody excited about it!

LANY - Pink Skies

Now if there's one song you need to listen to off of this list it's this one! 

I fell in love with this song the second I heard it and I haven't been able to get their EP 'Kinda' off repeat this month. If a good love song with a chilled vibe is something you love then this is for sure a song that you need in your life! 

I would also suggest giving the whole EP a listen because all the songs on their are incredible!

Drake - Fire & Desire

After being a big lover of Drake's 'Nothing Was The Same' album I just had to have a listen to his newest album 'Views'. While I do like all of the songs on this album 'Fire & Desire' is one that really stuck out to me. It's more of a slow / singing song which I always love from him because I find his voice is super relaxing and calm. For sure one of my favourite songs this month!

The Cadillac Three - The South

I think by now it's absolutely no surprise to you that I like pretty much every single genre of music there is because I always have such a random selection of genre's in these posts but what can I say - I cater for everyone! Haha.

If you don't like country then I would give this one a miss. However, I do love a bit of country every now and again so I am OBSESSED with this song. It's so upbeat and powerful that as soon as it comes on I just want to get up and dance! If you're fond of country then please give this one a listen - you honestly won't regret it!

Calvin Harris - My Way

Oh I do love a good Calvin Harris tune! 

I'll be honest I wasn't too fussed of this song at first but after my second time hearing it I blummin' love it now. Not only does it have an amazing beat (obvs) but I do love it when Calvin sings. That's definantly the one thing i've missed about his newer music. 

You for sure need to give this one a listen.

What have been your favourite songs this month? Let me know below!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. xx

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