Monday, 19 September 2016

Autumn Fashion

I'm completely ignoring the fact that most of September has been sunny AF and focusing on the fact that this week marks the official start of autumn (22nd of September) EEEEEK. 

That being said I think it's absoloutley the right time for some autumn fashion, am I right!? Let's do this!

Autumnal Scarfs

I'm not normally one for wearing scarfs because I have this weird thing about people / things touching my neck (I know i'm strange) but I can never pass up an autumnal scarf as the colours are just too beautiful! 

Because of my weird neck shenanigan I like to wear a scarf as a fashion piece rather than something to keep me warm so when I saw this thin one from Next I had to have it! Oh the autumnal feeeeels...

Shoes / boots

For some reason during summer I never opt for a pointy shoe even though I love them I only ever tend to wear them in autumn / winter. I feel like they really add to a plain outfit and also make any outfit look smart. 

When I saw this little pointy number in the New Look sale I had to have them - the copper rim around the heel completely sold them to me. I can't wait to wear these to death during these autumn / winter months! Woohoo!

I think we all know that boots are essential for this time of year so i'm not even going to go into detail! I can't remember for the life of me where these are from but they are pretty standard boots that can be found in most places! I loooove them!


Hats / beanies are one of my absolute favourite things to wear during the autumn months. Not only do they keep your head & ears nice and toasty they are also a great outfit statement. 

I purchased this hat last autumn and I still plan on wearing it this season too! Love!

Anything Rustic Orange

Oh I could talk all day about my love for rustic orange. I have no idea why but anytime I see this colour during this season I immediately feel super cosy, happy and extremely autumnal. I purchased this jumper last year from Very and it is for sure coming back out of my wardrobe as soon as I see even one leaf falling to the floor, haha!

I could for sure talk all day about my favourite fashion pieces for autumn; be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what some of your favourites are!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. xx

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  1. I'm in love with that first picture of you! You look beautiful and you're rocking that dark lipstick !

    I love autumn scarfs, I live for them even tho I always feel like I have no neck when I wear one haha
    I always love wearing big jumper, it's so comfy. And I'm all for boots, obviously. Black heels boots = perfect statement piece to any outfit, in my opinion!

    I'm commenting this and it's already one day into autumn. I'm betting you're exited !



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