Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Crazy Life

Hi guys!

I feel like I haven't posted in so long! So sorry, I've just started working two jobs so I've been trying to organise myself a little more. I will definantly be posting more once I have settled at my new job.

Recently I've been thinking so much about how crazy life is. How quickly things can change and how we act as humans.

Day to day so many of us hate ourselves for reasons that we can't change or for reasons that society tells us we should hate ourselves for. It's only started setting in as I'm getting older that so many of these things just don't matter to me any more.

Doing blogging and YouTube I am most of the time on social media and that sometimes messes with my head. I see so many young people (and when I say young I mean like 10 + maybe even younger!) writing online about how ugly they are or how fat they are and it baffles me that those are worries people have at that age.

Why can't we just love life and love ourselves? 

We are given this chance to live a life that could be amazing if only we allowed it to be. We are the ones who put ourselves down and convince ourselves that we deserve no more than what we already have. We could love ourselves if only we took the time and realised just how beautiful we are in someone else's eyes. Instead we look to photo shopped pictures to tell ourselves that we're not beautiful.

I'm going away on holiday in a few weeks and at first I will be honest I was dreading it and for one reason only - my body. I kept having these voices in my head telling me how disgusting I would look in a swimming costume and how ugly I would look on the holiday pictures.

However, I took a step back. I am lucky enough to go on holiday in the first place - I shouldn't be feeling like it's burden because it definantly isn't. Why does it matter that I don't have a 'bikini body'? Who actually even cares that I don't apart from myself? It's so hard to shake bad thoughts from your mind but please do, they are poison. As long as you are happy, healthy and a beautiful soul you have nothing to worry about.

I also wanted to touch on the way that we treat each other.

I feel like the way the world is right now we should all try to stop petty arguments and treat each other right. We never know what tomorrow can bring.

It's hard to get out of the habit of caring about things that don't matter but once you do, life just kind of becomes a lot easier. A little bit of positive thinking can lead you to a positive life and that's definantly something I've learnt over the past couple of months.

I hope this post hasn't been too much of a word vomit but these are just some thoughts running through my mind right now that I really wanted to share.

I hope you're all having a beautiful day.

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen xxxx


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