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The Liebster Award

Hello loves,

So the other day I was sat having a normal day when I got a notification from Alice over at One & The Same mentioning that she had nominated me for this challenge. I was so excited because this is the first time I have been tagged to do something through my blog and I was also super flattered that she chose me as one of her 11 nominee's, I really appreciate it so much. Her blog is so beautiful and well written so please do go and check her out!

So just in case the people I'm tagging don't know how this works, I will tell you.

Basically, if nominated you answer the questions listed by the person who has tagged you; after answering their questions you then make up 11 of your own questions to ask the next 11 bloggers that you choose to nominate. These bloggers must be under 1000 followers.

So, lets jump straight into the questions I was nominated to answer!

1. What made you start blogging?

I had been doing YouTube for around half a year when I worked with a company called Mental Happy. My close friend Gemma over at Across This Page suggested that I should write a guest post on her blog to promote what I had been working on with MH and of course I agree'd! Part of me thinks she did this on purpose to get me to love blogging because she had been saying for a while that I should start to run my own blog, haha.

But in all honesty she was right, it's been the best thing i've ever done and it makes me so happy to be able to sit down and write about whatever I want! I love it so, so, so much.

2. What would be your dream job?

Honestly, if I could make blogging my job tomorrow then I definantly would. It has given me so much confidence in myself and it also gives me the opportunity to talk about things that I am passionate about. It would also be a dream job because I'd be able to work from home and spend all day with my puppy - PERFECT.

However, if blogging didn't work out I'd either love to work in music events or running my own clothing business.

3. What is your absolute fail-safe outfit you feel the most confident in?

I'd say a loose dress, tights and some nice flats or boots. I absoloutley love dresses that don't cling to you; I just think it flatters my body shape a lot better than other dresses. I also definantly feel my most confident in day time dresses.

4. What is your weirdest passion?

This is such a good question, but very hard to answer. Especially since I am a very weird person anyway so there's a lot to choose from, haha!

However, the first thing that sprung to mine AND my boyfriends mind is the fact that I literally cannot go a day without watching some kind of crime related program. Even if I haven't had time to watch a crime program through the day I will put on YouTube in bed at night and watch scary story videos until I fall asleep. I know, i'm such a creep aren't I!? Haha!

5. What have you gained the most from blogging?

I honestly think that i've gained so much confidence and happiness by doing this blog. It's allowed me to talk about things I am passionate about and also allowed me to talk about my struggles which I have always really struggled to do before. I feel so comfortable blogging that it's becoming second nature to me now and that makes me so happy.

6. Have you experienced any negativity to do with you blog or blogging in general?

I haven't experienced any negativity online about my blog. However, I have had someone in my 'real life' say that aiming for blogging to be a full time job isn't realistic and probably won't happen.

I pay absoloutely no attention to comments like this. In fact, it just makes me want to work harder to be able to show them that you can actually achieve your dreams if you just had a little drive and positivity. No skin off of my nose what so ever. #SASSY

7. What is your favourite lipstick?

I think if you follow me on instagram or twitter then you will know I have two favourite lipsticks brands and I cannot just pick one between the two so i'm just going to name one from each brand.

Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in the shade Dominatrix
Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in the shade Underground

8. Who is your blogger inspiration?

I think that at the moment Gracie Francesca is my blog inspiration. My reason for this is because although she does do beauty & fashion posts she also does posts on more serious topics and is always speaking out for what she believes in. She reminds me a lot of myself - but with a lot more guts... and followers! Haha. She's amazing.

9. What is your favourite thing about your body?

I love this question, I think we all don't talk enough about the things we love about ourselves.

Although I have a lot of insecurities just like everyone else I do have 3 main things that I love about my body.

1. My eyes - as a child I was always complimented on how big my eyes are. I love having huge eyes and they definantly help with getting what you want! Haha!

2. My hair - I have always loved my hair just because it's so thick and although I have dyed it numerous times it's still in good condition and still super thick!

3. My tattoo's - I'm not sure if this even counts, haha! But I have wanted tattoo's for so long and I absoloutley love all the ones I have so much. They definantly make me like my body that bit more!

10. How do you normally spend your weekends?

Unfortunately, since I work in retail I rarely get a weekend off of work. However, if I do I mostly spend it with my family and my boyfriend just having a nice chilled out weekend... Or I go the complete opposite and go and get very drunk with my friends! Haha! I'm happy doing either!

11. What is your favourite piece of advice?

My favourite piece of advice is to not take life too seriously. None of us know when our time us up so why do we spend it worrying about things that we know won't matter in a few days time.

Do things that make you happy, smile for no reason, love unconditionally, be nice to others, be yourself and live your life without any regrets because you only get to live as yourself once so let's make the most of it!!

So, I suppose it's now time for me to nominate 11 bloggers to answer my questions! Some of these may have over 1000 followers because I am lazy AF and haven't checked. Lol!

1. Gemma Rose

2. Sian

3. Caroline Burton

4. Purple Button Couture


7. Aoife

10. Jemma

11. Brianna

If you girls would like to do this tag then here are my 11 questions to you!

1. What do you feel is the best thing about blogging?
2. Do you enjoy reading blogs more than writing them or vice versa?
3. What is the most embarrassing thing you or someone you know have experienced?
4. What types of blogs do you enjoy most? (e.g. beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc.)
5. Who is your biggest celebrity crush and why?
6. Do you have a favourite beauty brand? If so, who?
7. One piece of make up you could not live without?
8. Weirdest habits of yours?
9. What do people in your offline life think of your blog?
10. Who is your best online friend and how did you both meet?
11. Who is your main online influence? (E.g. blogger, youtuber, viner, etc.)

Thank you so much for reading!

Katie Ellen. xxxx


  1. Great questions and answers! Can't wait to do this! Thank you!!!


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