Friday, 22 January 2016

The Perfect Lipsticks - Gerard Cosmetics

Hello again beauties!

First of all before I begin I would like to explain that these lipsticks are ones that I have purchased myself. I haven't been told to talk about these, sent these products or anything like that. I just so happened to purchase these lipsticks myself and bloody LOVE them! 

So, I first seen Gerard Cosmetics through instagram and their 'Underground' lipstick (Shown below) caught my attention straight away. It's my type of everyday lip that I absoloutley love as I feel that dark lips suit me better than lighter tones so I knew straight away that I had to purchase this lipstick ASAP.

As they are an american brand I found it quite difficult to find them online until I stumbled upon Cocktail Cosmetics who are based in the UK but sell both UK and American brands. 

I can honestly say after purchasing from them I will never purchase make up from anywhere else online again unless I can help it. They deliver pretty much immediately and I have had no problems with them at all. They also do super cute packaging which also really sold them to me aswell! Haha!

I ended up purchasing Underground in a pack of 3. The second in the packet you can see below.

This is the colour 'Nude' and I have to admit that although I don't suit certain nudes this one I love! It is perfect for an everyday look and gives you that natural pink tone to give your lips a bit of life without looking like you have any lipstick on at all.

The Third is the colour 'Buttercup' which again you can see below. When I first took a look at this I didn't think I would like it as it has a slight shimmer to it. However, on the lips it just looks slightly glossy rather than giving off that glitter lip look and it also looks stunning. It's still a beautiful nude although a slightly lighter shade than 'Nude'.

The final lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics that I have recently purchased is the colour 'London Fog'. Again, as soon as I seen this colour I knew I had to purchase it as I cannot describe how beautiful this colour actually is. It is a grey - purple toned lipstick that suits it's name perfectly. I have to say out of all this colour is my favourite so far. Although it is a unique colour its definantly still an everyday colour that can add the perfect pop of colour to the lips.

The reason I decided to do a blog post on these lipsticks is because not only do they have beautiful colours but they also are long lasting and they do not dry the lips AT ALL. There is nothing worse than having a perfect lipstick that makes your lips feel like you've just been trapped in a dessert for 10 years!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please let me know if you end up trying out any of these lippies yourself, I really recommend giving them a try!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. x

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  1. They actually need to start paying you you promote them so much!! I love the last shade the most (but you already know that!) XX


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