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10 Reasons You Need To See Shinedown Live

Hello again lovelies!

I am back today with another music related post. It's currently almost 5 am and I am still buzzing over seeing my all time favourite band Shinedown in my home city of Liverpool today at the Carnival Of Madness. 

Now, if you follow me on any form of social media, have seen some of my YouTube vids or are personally close to me you will know that Shinedown are my all time favourite band and have been for a number of years; so much so I am tattoo'd with their lyrics! Even at almost 21 years of age I still fangirl like crazy when I get a tweet off them and I am not even ashamed of it! Haha!

So if there's anything I love doing more than listening to them it's getting other people to listen to them too! And that is exactly what I'm hoping this post will do.

I have been privileged enough to witness two Shinedown shows in my life time and can assure you that number will continue to grow as long as they keep making their life changing music. 

Okay, so now I want to tell you some of the reasons why seeing a Shinedown show can change your life. Here goes.


I can't be the only one that gets overwhelmed with emotion when I see people doing something they genuinely love. Sometimes people don't have to say a word but you can tell by their expressions and actions that they are exactly where they are meant to be in life.

Every time I see Shinedown live I feel this. I know that they don't just create music for fame, fortune and all that other good stuff. They do it because they know they are gifted enough to step outside and make a difference in the world with their passion and creativity.


If there is one thing you are guaranteed to see at a Shinedown concert it is lead singer Brent Smith talking to the audience about how the fans are the boss. That they wouldn't be able to do what they do without us.

Every fan of any artist always wants to be appreciated and it gives us a sense of security knowing that our favourite bands recognise the passion we have for them. It brings a huge smile to my face hearing that they appreciate our support just as much as we appreciate their gift of music.


As the COM tour was made up of multiple bands I remember looking around and pointing out every person in a Shinedown t-shirt to my boyfriend and being like - "YASSSS!". I think every person who is a huge fan of an artist can relate to this.

However, that is not what I mean by community. Mr Brent Smith will always stop the show to ask the audience to shake hands with the person next to them and for me this gave me a sense of togetherness. You know that the person next to you is feeling the same emotions and are at the concert for the exact same reasons that you are and to me that is an emotion that cannot be compared.

Also, during the show Brent will always remind the audience to be good to each other. I have been to a lot of concerts in my time and I know people can easily get carried away during things like 'mosh pits' or just generally being annoyed by the drunk person next to them! But I feel that him saying this is a reminder to all of us that we need to support each other as supporters of Shinedown and give each other the same level of respect that we would want for ourselves.


Now, this is one of the most important reasons we attend concerts in the first place. We want to hear those songs we love so much blasted through the speakers and our favourite artists putting on a performance we will never forget.

If there's one thing I can assure you of it's that you will never be disappointed at a Shinedown show. Vocally and musically you can expect every song to sound better than the recorded version (I know, how is that even possible!?) and the energy is enough to make those in seating jump to their feet and scream at the top of their lungs.


Now for me I always seem to get emotional at a SD gig. There are so many songs by them that have lifted me through dark times into the light and made me feel like someone actually understands.

I remember hearing them play 'Simple Man' live for the first time and it hitting my heart in ways I can't describe and will never forget. I feel like even if you aren't a huge fan just sitting in a room and hearing thousands of people sing a song that you know means something to them is one of the most beautiful things in life.


I know that during a show the main focus is mainly on the lead singers but have you ever just took a look at the people behind the instruments and seen the joy and passion in their eyes?

Due to me being in the seating area at the COM show I really got to witness Zach, Eric and Barry from a wider angle and aside from being AMAZING at what they do their stage presence also gave me goosebumps. I love the fact they're always jumping around along side Brent and getting the crowd going while every now and again they will all gather around Barry on the drums. I feel like this really highlights every member of the band and really makes me appreciate all that they do musically.


One thing that always makes me smile at a SD show is that they always give the perfect mix of old and new songs. I have been following them since their Sound Of Madness album and love everything they have produced before and after it. So it brings me so much joy when I hear them playing classics like 'Devour' and 'Simple Man' to then go to some of their newer tracks like 'Adrenaline' and 'Cut The Chord'.


One of my favourite things about attending a concert is when the artist really gets involved with the audience and Shinedown most definantly do not let me down in this area!

From watching multiple live shows of SD online and seeing them twice myself I am always aware of the little breaks between songs to talk with the audience and also making the odd appearance in the crowd! It always shows to me how well they know their fans as I have never felt more connected to an artist at a live show than I do at Shinedown concerts.


One of my favourite things about seeing SD live is when they do small instrumentals before a song begins. You can feel the tension in the crowd building but it's the kind of tension when you know something amazing is about to happen and everyone knows it. 

Sometimes during these instrumentals Brent will also give an inspirational speech that really makes you want to just let everything go and have fun which is exactly what I look for in a live show.


I will always keep my time free for when Shinedown return to tour the UK as I would never miss such an unforgettable experience. I know that for those of you who aren't SD fans or have never heard of them this may of been the most boring blog post you have ever read; but I am going to leave some YouTube links to live shows below and I hope that you will give them a listen and I can change your mind.

Their new album 'Threat To Survival' is also available world wide now so if you like what you hear make sure to go purchase it! You will be glad you did.

Shinedown - Simple Man
Shinedown - Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Shinedown - I'll Follow You

Thank you so much for reading,

Katie Ellen.


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  1. I love how passionate you are about Shinedown!! I totally get it because that is me with The Libs haha XX


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